Monday, December 20, 2010

The Economist and "Life Begins at46"

The cover story of this week's Economist magazine is about happiness. Numerous surveys of happiness all over the world show that happiness depends on age - but not in the way you might guess.  My quick sketch below tells the story.

If you can just hang in there until your teenagers leave - life gets better. Alternative theories exist but that is my favorite (don't tell my kids). Other theories focus more on letting go of hopes and dreams and appreciating life as it is.

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Age and happiness: The U bend of life

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The Economist magazine is offering a free trial of four issues - I warn you, you might get hooked. Despite its name, The Economist is not an academic journal - it is more of a beefed up Time or Newsweek with a dose of humor. I often flip first to its sections on science and recommended books.

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  1. The Economist remains my favorite periodical, along with the others highlighted here:

    Print subscribers to The Economist also get complimentary access to the audio edition each Friday morning, and breaks the entire issue down into some ~86 odd sections.

    There are probably 20 or so speakers, male and female, young and old, all with a delightful British accent, with perfect pronunciation of all those difficult to pronounce names and words. Listening to The Economist via audio gives you the skills to phonetically discuss "Ahmajinedad" at your next MBA mixer.