Saturday, February 18, 2012

Reagan and Thatcher

To gain insight on the partnership of these world leaders, watch this fascinating 5 minute segment of interviews with each. Interestingly, Reagan saw her as a potential Prime Minister early in her career.

An opinion piece in this Friday's WSJ called for a new European revival of Reagan and Thatcher's free market approach.

WSJ (2-17-2012) "Europe's Supply-Side Revolution" by By DONALD L. LUSKIN AND LORCAN ROCHE KELLY

Luskin and Kelly suggest European governments should focus more on growing out of the crisis, i.e. focus on the supply side of the economy.

"In the 1970s, conventional wisdom held that the U.S. couldn't compete against Japan and, yes, Europe. But fear clarified our minds, and the supply-side revolution we dared to undertake in the 1980s restored America's growth and competitiveness. Conventional wisdom today holds that Europe is doomed. To the contrary. It is, bravely, starting its own supply-side revolution."

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