Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Japan's disaster and the global economy

PBS Newshour interview with Greg Ip, journalist for The Economist on 3-15-2011 (7 min)

Greg Ip concludes that, barring a nuclear accident,

"The bank of Japan has the means to finance plenty of borrowing, the Japanese are very higher savers, .. and it is conceivable that if  done right a really, vigorously financed, executed reconstruction scheme could, in the end, prove to a big boost to Japanese growth."

As long as global supply chains are not disrupted for too long, the disaster should have little economic impact on the global economy.

To read The Economist article on this topic click on:

Economist (3-17-2011) The cost of calamity

For yet more video of reactions of experts
Bloomberg Video Clip (3 min)

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